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Important We believe so, get the design wrong & you finish up with a very costly pile of metal, fail in the management of the project & everyone suffers. That's where experience matters our team has an in depth knowledge that can only come with many years of "Hands On" control in both of these Key Disciplines.
Our accumulated wisdom is at the disposal of all our clients. While technology may change, our philosophy remains the same - ‘understand the market in which you operate and surpass the technical requirements imposed on you’. We bring to your business a technical and commercial vision tempered by realism and common sense.

CPS works with the customer to ensure the equipment profile meets the specific requirement. CPS designs, supplies and commissions a broad range of ancillary items, providing the customer with clear, viable and proven options. The following ancillary categories are indicative of the range available to the customer:

Design, supply installation and commissioning of:
Individual and multiple set systems
Heat exchanger / radiator/remote cooled options
Internal acoustic enclosures / plantrooms
Motorised / gravity louvres
Weatherproof / acoustic enclosures/containers
Vibration control
Control panels
Synchronising / distribution switchboards
Load / control cabling and containment
Exhaust gas flues
Reduction in exhaust gas emissions  
Fuel storage and management
Fuel management
Fuel system pipework / cabling / transfer and controls
Fire suppression systems ( foam / mist / gas )
Gas retention / Fire dampers