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As a company we are totally committed to maintaining your equipment in prime condition as we recognise how important power has become, most if not all businesses will cease to operate when the mains is lost. This is happening more & more often as the system struggles to cope.
With growing demands for specialist maintenance, our customers can relax in the knowledge that we are completely equipped to undertake all service and modification work, with ease. Complete and partial overhauls can be carried out both on-site and in the workshop, where major components or entire machines can be removed for refurbishment. Our on site, workshop overhaul and load testing facilities are second to none. Our highly trained, dedicated and experienced service teams, can be mobilised immediately to carry out extensive maintenance work on all aspects of both electrical and mechanical diesel and gas generators.
We operate a 24-hr call out system for customers, whereby skilled technicians and engineers are available on a fast response basis. CPS also offers a remote monitoring service, whereby our experts can be contacted automatically when problems arise. This ensures that our customers can be confident that their requirements are addressed with the minimum of delay. For this reason, we are recognised today as a premier service provider, giving back up not only to our own installed plants but also to many others.
Service contracts can be tailored to individual customer requirements for Gas and Diesel plants. With our portable load banks, which can be used both individually and in parallel, we can provide capacity load testing at full power.
Spare parts back up and immediate delivery times are integral parts of Our support. These, along with short and long-term service contracts, ensure our customers receive the service support, when they need it. We carry out all our work to the highest quality, as would be expected from a company of Our standing.
Extended warranty contracts
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We maintain diesel-powered generators ranging from 3KW to 4MW, including specialist ancillary equipment, and offer long-term maintenance contracts of up to five years. Individual sites can be brought together within a cost-effective national contract.
Our qualified and experienced engineers carry out all maintenance services, and with the technical support available to them, there is virtually no generator on the market that they cannot deal with. The latest test and diagnostic tools enable them to meet the challenge of the most sophisticated equipment on the world market.

We carry a substantial inventory to cover for emergency repairs of most of the modern & many of the older machines in operation today. However if we don't hold it in stock we are in most instances able to supply by return items due to our comprehensive Database